Decorated another period piece for Shaftesbury Films and the CBC called BOOKY MAKES HER MARK. It is set in depression era Toronto (1938). Again it had many budget challenges but ended up looking fantastic. Found great locations in Hamilton, which, in parts has been relatively undisturbed since the 1930's or earlier.


Shaftesbury Films 1890's period piece, THE MURDOCH MYSTERIES: UNDER THE DRAGON'S TAIL wins a Director's Guild Award for Outstanding Achievment in Production Design. I was the Set Decorator on this television movie. The film was an excellent experience that despite it's modest budget ended up looking fantastic. Many thanks to everyone involved.


Started a photoblog on Google's Blogspot. I created it to accompany this site. I have begun to shoot digital more frequently and this was the perfect venue to show it. I'm not sure if I would show the digital work any other way - not yet anyway.

(See Photoblog)

JUNE 2005

Several new photos shot this summer on an East Coast roadtrip and in NYC. Some are posted in SELECTED .

(See Selected)

MARCH 2005

After seeing my photos on the set of THE MONDAY REPORT, comedian Rick Mercer purchases Television Close. An edition of three was printed. One of which I will keep and the other went to a private purchaser.

(See Television Close )


Commissioned by Kim Rennick of Ambition productions to photograph 9 Trump buildings in NYC for the ABC television movie TRUMP UNAUTHORIZED . The prints were needed to decorate Trump's offices and apartments.

(See Commissions)


RINGY DINGY enters it's 8th year, PHOTOBOY it's 2nd. Photoboy's first official year was quite a success with numerous photographs appearing in over 10 productions, including a series of three in Dennis Hopper's apartment in George Romero's LAND OF THE DEAD.





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