Decorating a television series called ICE PLANET. It's a sci-fi multimedia project set on an organic 'ship' marooned on an ice planet inhabited by hostile forces. The studio sets are massive and elaborate.

Exhibited six photographs for Toronto Marketing firm, Bree's Communication's 'Black and White Event'.


Did 3 spots for Dodge Ram for Ridley Scott's RSA FILMS in the UK. The premise for 2 spots was the classic 'Rockem Sockem Robots' battling a Dodge truck. The other, a futuristic 'Blade Runner' like environment where everything is futuristic except the truck - because it lasts... Lots of CG. Decorated an old factory like Million Dollar Baby complete with oversized boxing rings. Fun.


A Depression era period piece I decorated for Shaftesbury and the CBC, BOOKY MAKES HER MARK, was nominated for a DGC award for Production Design. Another period piece I decorated for Shaftesbury, THE MURDOCH MYSTERIES: THE DRAGON'S TAIL, won in the same category last year.

(See photos from Booky)

Did 3 Nissan spots for OPC/ RADKE. Bunnies, snakes, forestry and garbage sewing.


Wrapped up CAMILLE and headed down east for a mini roadtrip. Weather, people and photos were great. I'll be posting some soon.

JULY 2006

Still shooting CAMILLE. Four days of the schedule were shot in Niagara Falls. It's interesting to expore the city a little deeper than Clifton Hill. Got some good photos but want to spend a few days exporing the environs. Currently decorating a small town strawberry festival set in Kentucky. It's a fun set complete with game tents, a ferris wheel and a giant strawberry.

JUNE 2006

Decorating a feature film called CAMILLE. It's an irreverent roadtrip movie starring Sienna Miller and James Franco. It's all white trash, motels and country and western bars. My kind of movie.The film ends in Niagara Falls where we are shooting for a few days. Fun.

MAY 2006

Spent a few days in NYC. A bit skinny on the photos but had a great time watching a game at Yankee stadium and betting on the ponies at Belmont.

(See Photoblog)

Did a Coors Light ad for Partners. I can't really comment as it's not my brand...

APRIL 2006

Did 3 spots for The Power Worker's Union of Ontario with Imported Artists. The premise is a comical look at the results of another blackout like the one in the summer of 2004.

MARCH 2006

Went on a fabulous roadtrip around the Sierra Nevadas in California. Started and ended in Reno. Took many stills and will have them posted soon. All the character of downtown Reno is quickly being torn down and replaced by condos. Photographed a few of the remaining motels. Sad.

(See Photoblog)

Designed and built the new SYNDICATE FILMS website. The original site was a mixture of styles that didn't communicate clearly. I took their logo design and mirrored it throughout the site and created a simple NAV bar to anchor it all together. The result? Fabulously minimal and slick.

Did some prop buying for a Nikon print ad. Love those Nikons. I've shot stills almost exclusively with them.


Finished editing and posting my reel. My good friend Craig Boland at SYNDICATE FILMS worked his magic with Final Cut 5 and put it all together for me. I'm quite happy with the result.

Did a Gatorade commercial for IMPORTED ARTISTS. The premise was kids playing street hockey and hockey star Sidney Crosby throws his stick in to join. After (somehow) seeing this, everyone in the neighbourhood pours in (including the three Hanson Brothers from Slapshot) to throw their stick in the pile. It was a lot of fun, especially seeing the Hanson brothers lift their 'Lambie' hockey sticks.


PHOTOBOY enters it's third year with a great list of accomplishments for 2005. From a commision by the ABC television movie TRUMP UNAUTHORIZED to photograph Trump buildings in NYC to adding Canadian comedian Rick Mercer to the list of owners of my photographs. In addition to having my photographs appear in such films and television series as SILENCE, a Universal Pictures feature starring Donnie Wahlberg to THE PATH TO 911, a huge ABC mini-series starring Harvey Keitel and Amy Madigan. Many thanks to all!

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