Wrapped HEAVEN ON EARTH just in time for Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone!


Wrapped ADORATION in October and immediately started decorating director Deepa Mehta's new feature HEAVEN ON EARTH. I worked with her a few years ago on the Triptych Media feature adaptation of Carol Shield's THE REPUBLIC OF LOVE. A great experience.

(See sets from ADORATION)


Going to camera on ADORATION this month. Along with a substantial studio build there are 'fall for winter' scenes we are dealing with. Also, Christmas.

RINGY DINGY is updated and back online. It now has all the new stock on the site.


Decorating Atom Egoyan's new feature ADORATION. An interesting script which examines communication and identity in a digital world.

JULY 2007

Totally revamping the RINGY DINGY website. Adding over 300 phones from the CBC and changing the format. Huge job. It was the first website I created and there are lots of little 'first time' mistakes and work-arounds that need fixing.

Spent a few weeks down east. Had an excellent time. The sunsets don't disappoint.

JUNE 2007

Doing reshoots for Sienna Film's feature HOW SHE MOVE. Paramount has snapped it up and is injecting some more money into one of the large dance numbers.

Did 3 Futureshop spots for OPC/ RADKE. One features a fake Burt Reynolds driving a gold 1970's Trans Am. Now I've worked with both fake and real Burt. I liked real Burt better.

MAY 2007

Shot some film in Niagara Falls New York. What a difference from the Canadian side. Crumbling and abandoned. And somebody please wash that balloon.

(See Photoblog)

RINGY DINGY purchased the CBC's entire inventory of prop telephones. A bittersweet transaction as the CBC prop department was an important supplier to the Toronto film industry. It will be greatly missed.

APRIL 2007

Been primarily concentrating on photography this spring. Specifically putting together proposals for two upcoming shows.

MARCH 2007

Created websites for CATERING BY DESIGN and their sister company BITCHIN KITCHEN, two Toronto based catering companies.


Did a much needed revamp of the PHOTOBOY website.The menu is now at the side and I reformatted the images to eliminate scrolling. I understand the impatience of users trying to sift their way through convoluted sites. Easy is always best when it comes to the web.

(See the website)

The ACTRA strike is finally over! Hopefully everything will start coming back. I've never seen it this quiet.


RINGY DINGY enters it's 10th year! It was April 1997 when Rick Gilbert and I came up with the name after we rented a few phones to another film production. Our catch phrase became: Need a phone? Give us a call! Could we actually make a business out of this?

ICE PLANET is on hiatus due to the ACTRA strike among other factors. Everything is in limbo. Hoping to get started soon.




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