THE MURDOCH MYSTERIES wrapped last month after an incredibly successful second season. We ended the 13 episodes with two enormously ambitious sets. A late Victorian sweat shop and the Jewish Wards that once existed in downtown Toronto. I'll post photos of them along with others from the season soon.

Starting CHLOE this month. It is a new feature directed by Atom Egoyan and produced by Ivan Reitman. Looking forward to working with the team from ADORATION again!


Both ADORATION and HEAVEN ON EARTH are premiering at this year's TIFF.

Murdoch is maintaining it's brisk pace into the fall. It received many Gemini nods for last year. Let's hope next year's includes production design.

JUNE 2008

Decorating season two of THE MURDOCH MYSTERIES, an 1895 period piece based in Toronto. Previously, I decorated UNDER THE DRAGON'S TAIL, one of the Murdoch films. It won a DGC design award in 2005.

ADORATION won the Ecumenical jury’s prize last month at Cannes. It is set to premiere at this year's TIFF.

APRIL 2008

Decorated an episode of PARADISE LOST for British Television. 15 Fraser stood in for Kazakhstan. Brilliant casting.


Hello Mexico, goodbye snow!




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