Finished the year on THE LISTENER. Because it started late, we bridge the Christmas break and start up again in January. Nice to have some work in the early winter. Very successful and necessary retooling of the existing sets as well as the creation of a couple of new ones. In addition to that we basically rebuilt the studio space to actually work as a studio. Tons of work but very rewarding.

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JULY 2010

JESUS HENRY CHRIST wrapped this month and what a fantastic experience it was! One of the best groups of people I've ever worked with and to top it off, a great script. Really looking forward to seeing this film.

Starting season II of CTV series THE LISTENER this month. The studio and sets are being totally revamped. It will be nice not simply recycling someone else's work.

MAY 2010

Decorating a feature called JESUS HENRY CHRIST being produced by Julia Roberts and her company RED OM FILMS. It's a fantastic script and a really great group of people. Among other things we get to burn books and wallpaper a room in Post-It Notes. I'll post pictures soon.

MARCH 2010

CHLOE is being released on the 27th of this month. I've already seen it at the cast and crew screening last year but look forward to seeing it again. Also looking forward to the reviews. I thought it was excellent.


Did a Wonderbread commercial for SOFT CITIZEN. It is a period piece that transforms a kitchen and livingroom from the 1950s to modern day as a boy walks through. It starts with small objects then incorporates the entire space. It was done using a motion control camera and dolly. It was fun and challenging as we shot it all on location.





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