Exhibiting 3 photographs in the NABET 700 art show. These are 3 images covering the years 1995 to 2005 that I've never printed. Looking forwrd to seeing them on the wall. Their commonality are the interesting shadows their subjects create.

The show is in it's second year and is organized by the lovely and talented Joanne Filletti. She is our tireless promoter of the arts. Thanks Jo.

Runs from November 18th to the 23rd. Opening November 18th at 6pm, Gallery IX, 11 Davies Avenue, Suite 101.


Decorating season III of CTV and Shaftesbury Films THE LISTENER. We go to camera in September.

JUNE 2011

FRENEMIES was a huge success! Thankfully, tweens everywhere will be entertained yet another day. Taking a little bit of time to recoup. RINGY DINGY is in need of a spring cleaning and the hound dog needs a little park time.

MARCH 2011

THE LISTENER wrapped and I immediately started a Disney Channel MOW called FRENEMIES. You know, teens, dogs and lawyers.

JESUS HENRY CHRIST, the film I decorated last summer is premiering next month at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC! Going to try to get down there for it. Really looking forward to seeing it!


Happy New Year!

Made good use of my Christmas hiatus crossing some big things off my to-do list. Namely, transferring all my student films from Ryerson to disc. It was just in time as some films were beginning to deteriorate quite substantially. When I clean them up a bit I'll post some of them here. In the meantime there is this:

This is a segment from a series of films I made which are meant to accompany still images. I'll post more of these soon as well.

Going back to THE LISTENER mid month. Be finished just in time to go somewhere warm!




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