Decorating season IV of THE LISTENER. It did indeed get picked up again. Always nice having a gig that goes through the winter.

Started teaching a 2nd year film class once a week at CENTENNIAL COLLEGE. Excellent experience and good fun. Thanks to Malcolm Byard for going to bat for me.

Decorated a pilot for the CBC called PORT HOPE. Here's hoping it gets picked up. Not many offerings from the CBC these days.

MAY 2012

Having a solo show at GERRARD ART SPACE. The title is ROADTRIP and included are 14 photos from the period 1995 to 2005. It runs from May 2nd to the 20th. Opening reception on May 12th from 2 to 7pm


APRIL 2012

Decorating the Rhombus Media feature AN ENEMY. An excellent script based on the book THE DOUBLE by Jose Saramago.

MARCH 2012

Helping my good friend Joanne Filletti with some photo and web work for her new venture GERRARD ART SPACE or GAS. It's a membership based artist's collective and gallery on Gerrard Street east and Woodfield Road. Very excited for Joanne.

JESUS HENRY CHRIST, a film I decorated in the summer of 2010 is finally being released in April! Looking forward to seeing it. Here's the official trailer.


RINGY DINGY enters it's 15th year! To celebrate, we are making room for some new additions to the family. Also, we have a FACEBOOK page. Please give it a look and a 'like'.

(Ringy Dingy Facebook page)

THE LISTENER season III is wrapped. Will there be a LISTENER IV.....?


Back to THE LISTENER in the new year. Nothing like filling the normally quiet winter months with a contract. That is if you call this winter...







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