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Finished the ambitious standing sets on REMEDY and moved on to the fifth season of THE LISTENER with it's crop of new and ambitious standing sets. Lots of flexing of the creative muscle this fall.

ENEMY was named as one of the top ten films of 2013 by T.I.F.F. Very happy to have been involved in this project. Looking forward to it's release in 2014.


Returning to teach a fifth semester class at CENTENNIAL COLLEGE. This is the student's last semester before they go on a work placement. Time to put the culmination of all their knowledge to the test. Should be very exciting.

The Denis Villeneuve film I decorated last year, ENEMY is premiering at this year's TIFF. Saw it at the cast and crew screening and it is excellent!


Decorating a new medical series for Shaw (formerly Global) called REMEDY.

MAY 2013

Showing 3 photographs in 'THE PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW' at GERRARD ART SPACE (GAS). Not officially part of CONTACT but occuring at the same time.

Decorating the Toronto portion of the new Denys Arcand feature DEUX NUIT. Thrilled to be working with him! JESUS OF MONTREAL is one of my favourite films.

Wrapped THE LISTENER, which included the entire studio, offices and lock-ups (bye bye Cawthra). Had a big sale and only kept one set. Who knows what the future holds for our resident mind reader...


Season IV of THE LISTENER continues.Taking advantage of the regional tax credit by shooting in Hamilton. A challenge for the crew and certainly a challenge for us to make 'The Hammer' look slick and sexy, something it is not known for...

Teaching another fourth semester class at CENTENNIAL COLLEGE. Really enjoying the teaching thing. Very much.

Took part in the NABET 700/ CEP group show at GERRARD ART SPACE (GAS). Exhibited 3 of the 4 remaining prints I had originally shown in 1993 at THE RYERSON GALLERY in 80 Spadina for my show SURFACE THINKING, curated by Stephen Bulger.







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