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Sadly IDOL'S EYE went down one day before it was meant to go to camera. More drama off the screen than on. Kudos to the production team for their professional handling of this volitile situation. Hugely disappointed I didn't get to see this through to fruition.


ENEMY wins the 2014 DGC Award for Best Production Design - Feature Film. Fantastic and well deserved!


Started a feature film called IDOL'S EYE. It's a 1977 period piece based on a true story. It's directed by Olivier Assayas and starring Robert DeNiro. Very excited about this.

Teaching 5th semester film production at Centennial College.It's the student's major project before they spend a semester on their work placement. Time for them to put 2 years of learning to the test.

JUNE 2014

THE LISTENER V sadly wasn't picked up for a 6th season. It is the end of a very good run. I have met and worked with so many great people connected to the show. Definitely a creative and career high. Thanks.

Started the last four episodes of TRANSPORTER II. What a crazy, crazy ride it was...


ENEMY, a feature film I decorated in 2012, is nominated for ten Canadian Screen Awards including Best Production Design.

Opens this March. Here is the official trailer:

Check out trailers of other films I've worked on here: REEL.

Going to camera on Season V of CTV's THE LISTENER this month. A whole pile of brand new sets for your viewing pleasure.

Back for my 2nd year of teaching film production at Centennial College's Story Arts Centre. Another group of talented kids getting ready to jump in with both feet.





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