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Very sad news this last week, Tom More, owner of Toronto photographic institution, Toronto Black & White passed away suddenly.

I had been processing and printing most of my work there since I was in University. It started with Tom processing my very particular infrared film. I always enjoyed printing, but never wanted to process negs. Too finicky; too easy to make mistakes and ruin your work. Not for Tom, he was a master. We quickly developed a recipe for my work and stuck to it. I developed thousands of negs there. I trusted Tom completely with my work.

After graduating, I started having Tom print my work as well. He was without a doubt, an artist. After a while, he just knew what I wanted. I'd just drop the neg off, have a chat about something else, and leave. It was always perfect. Often far better than expected.

Tom was the last holdout in a sea of change. Labs were closing all over the city and the ones that didn't, had to adapt and become something completely different. My impression was that Tom, although he recognized and accepted this new reality, wasn't comfortable with it. His was more of the organic, hands on world. The world of true photography. It was a real loss when he finally closed his doors over a year ago.

It is even a greater loss now.

Photo by RAFY. Tom and the last days of the shop.

THE WAR WITH GRANDPA went on a hiatus until after Christmas. Time for a nice unexpected Christmas break. Ahhh.....


Finished shooting the CBS series AMERICAN GOTHIC. Like everyone watching the series, we didn't know who the killer was until the last episode! Great fun to watch. Who knows if it will happen again...

Started the independant feature THE WAR WITH GRANDPA. An all star cast including legend Robert DeNiro.

Back teaching film at THE STORY ARTS CENTRE. Always exciting to see where the projects will take us.


Started the CBS series AMERICAN GOTHIC. Great group of creative people involved with this. Everything from mansions to dingy lofts. Lots of character driven sets. Looking forward to it.









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