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Hard to believe it's been a year since we received the news that we'd won the prestigious ADG AWARD for our work on season one of THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY. It was February 2020, and the world hadn't quite turned upside-down yet. Season one art director, Mark Steel and I waffled about travelling to LA to join season one pilot production designer Mark Worthington for the ceremony, but at the last minute, decided against it. If only we'd known we'd be accepting the award AND perhaps taking one of the last trips for a year or more. Hindsight is 20/ 20.

Thankfully we were able to attend the 2019 PRIMETIME EMMYS in LA for our nomination also for season one of
THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY. Thankful for so many reasons, one of them being that the 2020 EMMYS was held virtually! No red carpet and Governor's Ball for that crop of nominees. Makes me wonder what the future of awards shows will look like.
Crazy times indeed.



Starting my 10th year teaching at CENTENNIAL COLLEGE'S STORY ARTS CENTRE. Things are a little different since the fall with the launch of the virtual classroom due to the current state of the world. It hasn't dampened the creative spirit though as scripts are being written and stories are being told, just in a different and creativly challenging way. In addition to my film classes, I'm continuing to work on my post graduate PRODUCTION DESIGN course that I'm hoping to launch in the next year.




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